Ethics, Compliance & Human Rights

Integrity matters. It matters to all of our stakeholders – our customers, shareholders, employees, vendors and every community around the world in which we conduct our operations. It matters to the way we do business. It matters to how we interact with our communities.


Upholding a moral and ethical paradigm is vital to the success and preservation of our reputation. We believe that operating our business with integrity is not only the “right thing” to do, but  is the only way to conduct our business. At Hercules Offshore, we have built a company on a foundation of integrity and trust.


We are committed to providing fast and easily accessible information about our Ethics, Compliance and Human Rights program. We welcome all of our stakeholders to review our Code of Conduct, International Anti-Corruption Guidelines and Statement on Compliance and Human Rights. It is the responsibility of every employee as well as any individual or service provider to understand and comply with these policies.


If you need to report a suspected violation, ask an ethics question or raise a concern, you can do so in person, by phone or via the web. Persons who in good faith report violations of the Code of Conduct are legally protected from retaliation.



In Person:

Bill Gordon

Associate General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

+1 (713) 350-8305


Anonymously by Phone:


If dialing from the USA, please call +1 (800) 880-9166.


If dialing from outside the USA, please select your country of origin by clicking here, then place your call from a "land line" that allows international calls. Do whatever is necessary to obtain an open line and dial tone. Dial the AT&T Direct Access number for your country of origin. You will hear a tone and a recorded voice saying "AT&T." After hearing the recording, please dial +1 (855) 225-7069.


If your country of origin is not available on AT&T's site, please dial your local telephone operator and ask to place a collect call to the following number in the USA: +1 (678) 331-7258.


Anonymously by Web:

Online Compliance Hotline