Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Commitment to QHSE – Hercules Offshore is committed to an incident-free workplace.


Our mission to conduct our operations in an incident-free, environmentally sound, reliable and cost-effective manner resonates throughout every aspect of our business.


We believe that visible leadership drives accountability and unwavering compliance to our systems, processes, and tools will deliver incident-free operations.


Our QHSE department has developed, manages, and continuously improves our world-class management system that has been integrated into the entire organization.


We have in-house behavior based safety training for all employees, shore-side and offshore, to teach the fundamental principles of our HERO safety process.  The key components of our HERO training are our HERO Power Tools; Job Safety Analysis, Permit to Work, Time Out and HERO conversation.


At Hercules Offshore, we believe that if we behave like we expect an incident-free workplace, it will be achieved and maintained.


QHSE Policy Statement (PDF)





HERO Power Tools


Hercules Offshore’s Power Tools deliver a consistent and reliable means of executing our mission of incident free operations.